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About Us

Our established global network is structured to provide local solutions to reach into the farthest,
most inhospitable and at times dangerous territories of the Turkey.

On behalf of insurers, brokers and corporations, our team of highly skilled and experienced
coordinators and medical personnel deliver rapid, effective and cost efficient solutions every
day of the year.

Our central Kuşadası head office enables us to work pro- actively with our clients to deliver
a trusted, reliable and responsive service, upon which we have built our reputation. MedLife
is a leading independent group of medical assistance and claims companies, servicing the needs
of a broadrange of insurers, corporate organisations and travel companies.



Contact Us

  • Türkmen Mah. 50. Yıl Cad. No:3 Kuşadası / AYDIN
    Phone: 0090 256 614 33 33
    Fax: 0090 256 612 44 99


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