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Zirconium Crowns

A “crown” is when the natural tooth crown of a damaged tooth is preserved with the help of a crown. Dental crowns belong to the fixed dentures prosthetics and are usually then used by our dentists in Turkey, if the affected tooth is no longer optimally supplied with a tooth filling or an inlay can.

In general, different types of crowns are distinguished, such as the gold alloy crown, metal crown, ceramic crown, full ceramic crown or the pin crown (“pin tooth”). We at Aesthetic-Travel recommend the so-called zirconia crown, because this is made of special ceramic and is therefore made entirely without metals.

The artificial dental crown – tasks & treatment

An artificial crown not only ensures sufficient stability in the jaw, but also contributes to a natural dental aesthetics. In order for the crown to be used by your dentist here in Turkey, the tooth to be treated must be prepared beforehand. For this purpose, this is first ground and removed an impression of the rest of the tooth stump. Subsequently, the dental crown is professionally made in a dental laboratory, so that it can later be fitted accurately into your jaw and resembles the original tooth form. Furthermore, the tooth color of the crown is adjusted to the rest of your teeth so that the bioesthetics remain.

Depending on the material of the dental crown different prices and costs, dental techniques, as well as the actual life span of the dentures are differentiated. Which crown is best for you, you learn through a detailed consultation with us in Antalya of Aesthetic Travel – just ask for!

The zirconium crown

The zirconium crown (Cercon, Cerec) is a metal-free dental prosthesis, which plays an essential role especially for the dental aesthetics, since this dental material is almost tooth-colored and thus can not be distinguished in the mouth from the remaining teeth. In addition, the zircon is often used in dental implants or in dental bridges.

Special properties of the zirconium dioxide are the low thermal conductivity, the good biocompatibility, as well as a high mechanical strength in the jaw and thus a relatively good long-term stability.

By means of a suitable computer program, both the framework of the tooth crown, the tooth color, and especially the crown margins can be reworked and thinned out. In order not to attract too much attention later in the mouth, the zirconium crown is additionally covered with a thin layer of ceramic.

The Zirconium crown – optimal dentures from Turkey

At Aesthetic-Travel in Antalya you are welcome to recommend the Zirconium Crown. Not only because their general experience is very positive and the costs compared to other crowns, such as the full ceramic crown, bring no disadvantages. Rather, because the longevity and the dental aesthetics of dental crowns made of zirconium are unique – see for yourself!

Advantages of a zirconium tooth crown:

Zir The zirconium crown can be dyed individually and thus hardly visible in the mouth

Zir The zirconium crown has a high mechanical strength and a long service life

The zirconium crown has a high biocompatibility

Compared to all-ceramic materials, the zirconia has a higher strength

In the case of zirconium crown, there are no black edges on the neck of the tooth

Zirconia crowns are good value for money

Dental The zirconia dental material is often used in implantology (dental implants) due to its many positive properties

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